Friday, August 4, 2017

When Life Gives You Lemons

We have all heard it, time and time again our mother's telling us that life is hard, life is not fair and there will be days when you just want to crawl into bed and just forget your entire day and often your entire life.

Yep, life is unfair and I am the one that has drilled into my kids heads, "there will be times when life is grand and everything is going your way, you will wonder what lucky penny you picked up or what good deed you have done to be so blessed. But, then there will days when life just gives you a bucket of crap and you will stand there with your heart in your hand and in so much pain, yet how you deal with it is what will make you a better person."

People say that when life is hard it builds character, it is supposed to be a learning curve of what NOT TO DO and then at the same time, we often wonder why something so hard is coming down the pike into our very own world, our space and we stand there puzzled and in shock.

I was at work the other day and I am sure by now some if not many have already figured out where I work and its NOT Walmart. We give out these gift cards that reward our shoppers for shopping and their dedication to your store. They come in different increments and most of them are for $5.00 but often we run a promotion that if you spend in upwards of $200 or more you can be rewarded with some in the dollar value of $20.00.

And Here Comes The Lemons!

Just last week I was called into my managers office and she sat me down asking me to explain to her how the gift cards are handed out. 

  • Customer makes purchase
  • Scan gift card
  • Write on back the dollar amount 
  • Hand back to customer
  • Explain to them they can use it towards their next purchase
As I sat in front of my boss she keeps flipping through about five or six pages of paper that has been printed off. She looks at me and explains to me that I am being accused of scanning these gift cards ad not handing them back to the guest yet keeping it for myself and then taking them out to various stores to use them towards MY OWN purchases.

I sat there shocked and dumfounded that she would even want to accuse me of such a horrible act. I was so pissed.

Employer/Management Verification

Each time I head down to my register I am to log in using my employee number and then a four digit password. That number tells the store:

  • How long I am on the register
  • What is run up
  • How many discount cards I give out and the dollar amount 
  • How many checks are written
  • Cash is given
  • Debit cards are used
So it looks like I scanned a gift card, kept it for myself and then used it at a different store for my own purchases. How do they find out? It's simple, when someone uses that gift card it has the number of the employee who gave that card to the customer. So supposedly when I used this so called "gift card" it had MY NUMBER on it making it look like I used it for myself instead of giving it back to the customer.

I have been employed with them since November of last year. I have given my time, my soul, my dedication to this store. I have worked for a variety of people when they are in a jam and they need help with their schedule. I am the first person to stand up for them and tell them I can work your schedule.

Then there are times I am loud, obnoxious, and yes even rude. When you or anyone that you know gets a job, you are your only advocate for that job. You are the one that has to watch out for your own well being. I have never been late, I have never called in sick and I certainly wouldn't want to jeopardize my income for a stupid $20.00 gift card.

I asked my boss how many were done under my number and she tells me, "I cant tell you that" so she wants to accuse me of doing something but she cant tell me how many times it was done? She continues to ask me over and over, "is there anything you want to tell me, anything at all?"
What is there to tell her? I didn't do it. I am beginning to wonder if I forgot to log out when I went on my break and when another cashier stepped in possibly they did it??

So today, I am to go to work and I find out my fate of my employment. I am just so pissed that they would want to accuse me of something so ridiculous and so far fetched!

Yes there have been times I have been pissed and trust me when I share how I had no problem taking out anyone who wanted to screw me under or hurt me in some fashion because they either didn't like me or they wanted to see me gone. I have voiced my thoughts and yes, there were a few "F-Bombs" that came out because I felt violated.

A friend of mine told me do not sign any paper that is a warning, tell them you want to see proof of me doing this. Tell them to pull the cameras and show me doing this. You see, if I sign the warning it makes me look like I did it and if I don't sign the warning then I get fired. Either way, I'M SCREWED!" 

Yep, life does give you lemons and when it does, just make lemonade. I cant be unemployed, I have a child I have to support, I have a child I need to take care of.

God Be With Me Today!