Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's Your Freedom

First and foremost I will make anything and everything my business when I feel someone or something is happening that should not happen.

If I see a man being forceful with a woman, I will not be the one who says, "it's none of our business, just keep walking" or I love the one that says, "stop staring it's rude" I will tell ya this though, if you as a woman is with your husband or your boyfriend and he starts being abusive, your going to want someone to jump in and help you. And if you don't, well then you must feel like you deserve it and no one deserves to be treated like CRAP!

I cannot stand people that stand back and stare or watch with such intent, it is as if they are at a movie tossing popcorn back and a filled drink wondering just what is going to happen next. It is our duty to help others, it is our duty to lend a hand, it is our duty to protect. This is not a hindrance, it is nothing something you contemplate, it is YOUR DUTY to stand up for anyone and everything that you have a strong belief in!

Yesterday, I had to run a fast errand. As I walked into the building there behind a extremely heavily plated Plexiglas window not even the best bullet could get through there was this plump oversized woman who appeared to have a nice friendly helpful voice. I grabbed the necessary paperwork and began filling it out when I heard bells ringing which obviously notifies the women behind the window a customer has entered the building and of course I looked up.

A small elderly man who is African American, thin in size and not extremely tall, walked in. He was wearing black framed glasses a light blue button down shirt and black shorts. His hair is thinning as any other elderly man will do. He seems confused and disheveled unsure of what he should be doing.

What stood out about this man was he was wearing a baseball cap that read, "VIETNAM VETERAN" instantly my heart went out to him. He continued looking around trying to make some sense of what he was doing and I who was now done filling out my paperwork, continued to watch this man to see if he needed any help.

As I stood behind him I could see the aging wrinkles, I can see the black moles forming on the back of his neck and the sides as well. He is aging and yet for each year that passes, I would imagine he has yet another story to share about his life. I stayed quiet to get a sense of what he was there for and when he finally approached the window of the woman I saw, the woman with the friendly voice motioned for this man to come to her window.

I was then called to the next window. I approached the lady willing to help me and she did my paperwork, I could hear this Veteran trying to explain what and why he was there. The lady behind the bullet proof window was growing agitated. I could sense in her voice that she was having a hard time understanding this man. He began stammering and his voice of course was soft and mellow something I am sure the military taught him, "carry a big stick yet speak slow and softly." 

The oversized lady behind the window was beginning to raise her voice, she kept repeatedly telling him over and over, "I can't hear you, speak up, what is it you want, I don't understand what your saying, I think you don't know what your talking about, I have never heard of that, are you sure you have the right place?"

The feeble old man was growing anxious, he was stammering even more and I could tell he was growing nervous. I held up my hand at the lady helping me motioning for her "wait a minute please" when I walked over and put my arm around this feeble elderly man, he looked at me with such pain in his eyes. I could tell instantly that his eyes could share stories of his life, stories of pain, stories of sadness, stories of torture. He smiled a soft smile yet still seemingly off guard with my offering to help him. 

I gave this stranger a gentle hug asking immediately if he needed some assistance. He began telling me he was there to pay off his grandson's loan. These men who spent their lives defending OUR COUNTRY in one of the worst places ever in history, this is a man who didn't make large sums of money, this is a man who watched his partners in the military die right before him, this is a man who watched others get tortured by the enemy. This is a man who was able to walk out of Vietnam alive and "walking out" is the main word.

Thousands and thousands of men have lost their limbs, their arms, their lives, so we have the liberty and freedom to do what we take for granite each and every day! 

The lady behind the window told me I needed to step back, she actually didn't tell me she ORDERED for me to step back. I just ignored her, I continued to listen to his needs and all he wanted to do was pay off his grandson's loan. I looked at the oversized and obviously a woman who more than likely HATED HER LIFE, and once I cleared my throat I explained to her, "he wishes to pay off his grandson's loan."

Now as a mother the one that just PISSES ME OFF is when my teenage daughter rolls her eyes at me, that just sets the hair on the back of my neck straight up! Well, this obviously PLUS SIZE woman was becoming more and more agitated that I didn't listen to her in the first place, and yet, I didn't care. I stood my ground, I didn't move. When someone rolls their eyes at me, well GAME ON you will find out that I can be the biggest and meanest woman one has ever met. It is so disrespectful and so rude and right then and there I was determined to show this woman I can be the bigger and meaner woman than her.

She stopped dead in her tracks with the look I gave her, she stopped talking, she glared at me and I glared right back. My arm never left this strangers arms, I stayed right there! I told her to look up the name of the young grandson and when she did she told the elderly frail man, "he owes $550.00 which $110.00 is late fees and interest" 

The woman then looked at me and asked me to step aside yet still, I never moved. I asked the man if he wanted to pay this amount and told me he did. I asked him where his wallet was and he said his front right pocket. As he dug out his wallet and opened it handing his credit card to the woman behind the window I just continued to watch her while she continued to watch me. That was when I became the Cobra out of the basket.

"You know, this man, this elderly man is just one of the hundreds if not thousands of men who went to war in Vietnam, a place you will never forget if you ever go. This man watched his team members die before him, watched men tortured and killed, and for what, YOUR FREEDOM, this is the man who never slept, he was forced to kill, he was forced to survive, this is a man that can tell you stories and this is the man who gives you the RIGHT to get out of your bed, go to your job, drive your car, eat whatever foods you want and for what? So you can treat him like CRAP! Show this man respect, show this man some dignity some pride for what you can do each and every day."

I had the attention of everyone in that room something I was not planning on or something I was NOT trying to do. I was just defending what a mere stranger did for me, defend my country, defend the lives of ultimate strangers so they can live. The kind elderly man took back his credit card, shoved it into his wallet and then turned to me with tears in his eyes and grasped my hands then squeezing them.

"Thank you, no one ever stands up for me or speaks for me and I thank you for that. Thank you for your help because no one ever does help me, it's been months possibly years that someone ever said, "thank you for your service" and for that, I thank you."

I too squeezed his hands and walked to the front door opening it so he can leave and when he did, he tipped his hat to me and gave such a smile. When he left I saw the look of the woman behind the window that helped him and she just didn't care about this man or what he did, what he went through, the stories he could tell. She glared at me yet, I still stood my ground and glared right back!

When is the last time you thanked someone for their service to OUR COUNTRY young or old?