Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Facebook Page

Well, now that I am home and somewhat recovered from my somewhat HORRIBLE vacation, oh yeah, the day we leave my daughter Sela wakes up and tells me that something bite her in the foot during the night. She mentioned that just regular scratching wasn't cutting the job to stop the itch so she takes off the bottle cap to her water bottle and began itching her foot that way.

Not only did she cut open her foot using the lid to her water bottle, her foot blew up twice the size and was flaming red. I of course drove to the nearest grocery store and bought Benadryl and something called "after bite" applied it and of course what happens...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I thought vacations were supposed to build memories and growth as a family. But man, this was a vacation I think I need healing from. The only thing missing from this vacation was me in a car accident!

So back to my Facebook Page for Wedding Dress Wishes...

I am just so baffled by the outcome of "LIKES" from a page that basically has nothing to it. And I mean nothing! There are no post of people donating wedding dresses, there is no advertising of it, there is no pictures of the dresses I have on hand which consist of:

One coral flowing dress with straps
One purple dress
One burgundy junior brides maids dress
One mother of the bride/groom dress
One wedding dress

Maybe if I add them it might make a difference but those are dresses I bought on my own. They were never donated or given to me I bought these in hopes of grabbing the attention of others wanting to purchase them.

I even started a eBay page to sell my dresses and wow I have a ton of views but not one bite! 

I have put these dresses on Craigslist, passed out my business cards, you name it I have done it. I tell people my mission and what I want to do and I get a TON of people telling me that I am doing a noble thing yet, not one dress ever comes my way. 

I think its time I hang it up and give up.