Saturday, July 29, 2017


Every single person who dreams of going on vacation has the highest of hopes that they will build memories and of course, take tons of pics to share either on their phone or to paste in a book to share and look back years later.

Then there are vacations where you need healing time from the horrible vacation one has been on where NOTHING goes right...PERIOD! From the day before your scheduled vacation to the end when you board your plane and you cant wait to see that light above that is a constant ringing reminder to buckle your seatbelt. Then there is the plane that once you are seated, for some reason you wonder if this is what it feels like to live in a tuna can?

My youngest daughter Sela, her father lives in Southern California and refuses to come and see her in the Pacific Northwest. He blames it on work and for the most part it may be true but then I often wonder at times how much truth is really in that excuse of work?

We were to fly out August 25th Alaska Airlines at 11:50 Tuesday morning and well no matter what if it can go wrong IT WILL!

Monday 7:30 PM oldest daughter calls...."mom, I have been in an accident"
A woman pulling out of parking lot hits my daughters car causing her to have horrible neck and shoulder pain
Daughter...NO car insurance
Other driver...NO license and NO insurance
Take daughter to local urgent care and local urgent care is CLOSED! Who closes urgent care?
Drive to hospital and hospital we sit and wait for 3 hours
3 hours later we finally see a room
We sit in room for another hour before a nurse shows up
Nurse shows up and tells us the ER doctor is behind wont be able to see us for at least another hour
Two hours go by and finally ER doc shows up
ER doctor puts on neck brace
CT/Xray taken 2 hours later
ER doc returns and says no damage done just will be sore for 5 days maybe more
ER doc gives daughter work note for one day off work

FINALLY! get home at 3:00 AM

Tuesday Morning 8:00 AM

Wake up Sela & get ready
Load car and head to airport
Sit in traffic for one hour
Finally get to airport
check in at Alaska Airlines
$25.00 luggage fee
Walk through security
Get scanned and that is where they think I have something on me that is wrong
Female officer searches my ENTIRE body and still thinks I have something
Asked to get undressed and then realize its NOTHING!

Eat bagel with daughter at airport loading at Gate C3
Sitting and waiting and that is where we see something...
Alaska Airlines boots 4 people off the plane
Finally load plane at 11:10
Sela window seat
Me middle seat
Outside seat a woman with a baby that CRIES THE ENTIRE 3 HOUR FLIGHT!

Land in Orange County
Get car rental
Was supposed to have Nissan Sentra but NO they give me a FRIGGEN HUGE TRUCK and tell me, "you checked the box saying you will take first available if Nissan Sentra is not available"
Alamo Rental Car WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION removes $400.00 from checking account for deposit
No money for Hotel room now
So I have the truck and no where to sleep
Drive back to rental car and show them where I have ZERO DEPOSIT GAURANTEE
Alamo tells me the $400 will go back in to my account in five days

Call Exhusband freaking out that we have no place to stay
He tells me relax he will pay for a place
We go to 6 places and NO VACANCY
I call Orange Tustin Inn and woman tells me $85.00 per night
We go there and then she tells me I never called and she tells me $120.00 per night
I take out phone and hit re-dial and catch her in a lie
She then changes mind and says $85.00 per night
Exhusband whips out credit card and pays

Go to room and it is a true shit hole!
Reservations for Queen Mary 8PM walk through is GONE we never make it
Temp is 87 degrees with 100% humidity day one through entire time here

Spend day with best friend and the weather is so miserable we are miserable
Come back to shit hole and take shower and a MASSIVE cockroach climbs out of tub drain and then spreads wings and flies throughout entire room
Sela panics and screams and screams alerting the front office
Front office calls police
Police show up to find out she is screaming about a cockroach

Take the entire $100 left to my name and take Sela to McDonalds for dinner/breakfast/lunch and eat at dollar menu

Today...going home and cant wait!