Saturday, July 22, 2017

Just No Going Back

My father always told me, "if you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything at all" sometimes I often wondered if he ever lived by those rules? He at some time or another he could be brutal with his words and well, we all know that words can be so hurtful and so damaging.

There are the people in the world that say, "words are just words yet, its your actions that speak volumes about you." Then you have people that will tell you, "your chosen words can take down an elephant without the hunters gun."

I blogged a few blogs ago about this girl at work that went and told everyone that I did a WIC check without her. Well little did I ever expect it to snowball like it did. That snowball just grew and grew to the point that if it came rolling down a hillside it would take out an entire town, the people within the town, and anything else in its way. It would leave behind devastation and death when looking back at the damage it claimed.

Who to trust at work?

I am a firm believer that the team of people at any job should be your support system. From the everyday job that we all do to the team leaders, supervisors, assistant managers, managers and even general managers and even higher.

Any job there should be a support system that any person should be able to go to in hopes that they will be supported when any action or situation ever takes place. They should have your back, they should trust in you when you give 110% of yourself. They should see your self-worth and what you put into the company. It should be dully noted the efforts one gives to their job and their place within the job.

Praise should be given and often shared from the person who is giving 110% and shared among other managers because mentally when that is done then that person feel appreciated, they have a sense of great self-worth, they can carry their head high rightfully knowing that all their efforts that they have put into their job is all worth while.

Trusting the Assistant Manager

After the tidal wave of accusations from HER at work, I was trying to find my supervisor Justin yet, our schedules were always conflicting. I did talk to Angie my assistant store manager of what happened and boy was I pissed that they were accusing me of doing something I never did. So to recap on what happened in short....

The store I work at has been dinged by the state for substituting certain baby foods and or items on WIC checks and when that happens any store that supports WIC will be dinged a huge amount of money and it will be noted of the wrong doing. Not only did this happen once, it happened TWICE!

So the new rule is when a cashier gets any WIC checks we must have a manager present when completing any WIC checks at our cash register. It is to be there to ensure that what is on the WIC check is actually purchased the proper way and there are no misfortunes or accidents.


Lady comes through with WIC checks, I call over Heather, Heather treats me like crap telling me I am doing the WIC checks wrong then embarrassing me in front of other guest telling me to get off my check stand she will finish up the FOUR WIC checks. Heather goes and tells managers I did 4 WIC checks without her approval.

Angie the store manager pulls me aside and begins chewing me out for something I never did. I tell her it never happened that way, I tell her in a very apologetic tone that she was in fact wrong and yet what does she do she tells me, "I have to believe what Heather says"

I felt violated, I felt that no matter what I said it just didn't matter. Angie even informed that I might be written up for being so careless. I then informed her I would not sign a piece of paper accusing me of doing something I didn't do. That of course set the tone of a fight.

I trusted Angie to have my back, I trusted her that she would believe me, I trusted that she would want to believe me. Then it dawned on me I might as well be talking to the wall. No matter how many times I stood before her with a soft tone then turning into tears of being accused of something I never did, it just didn't matter to her. All she could see is what she thinks I did.

Trusting Senior Store Director

Stuart has always been a good friend to me. He is an awesome store director and he works very hard at keeping our store in good shape. We have shared some person things and some not so personal things. We have had great conversations and a wonder relationship in work and out of work. So on the day I saw him I told him I needed to talk to him.

This is where I put all my trust into him, I trusted he would have my back, I trusted he would believe in me, I trusted way to much. Once I shared with him exactly what really happened and how I felt violated, abused by Heathers accusations, the lies, the betrayal, I was desperate for redemption and to gain back my dedication to the company I have put into.

I have worked late when they ask
I have worked for many other team members when they couldn't
I have taken my time away from my daughter to help out the store
I have worked in other departments putting it back in shape when it was a total mess
I have done, and done and done above and beyond the duty of my job title

So when I went to Stuart to seek out my redemption and to have him be on my side, what he did just crushed me.

I told him I am not going to be the deciding factor if this store loses WIC which would mean $35,000 a year of loss revenue along with customers not shopping there any longer who have WIC. Stuart appreciated that and continued to listen.

Once I shared what REALLY happened and then asked him directly, "who do you believe?" he looks at me and tells me....

"I'm sorry, but I have to believe Heather she is a front end supervisor and I have to have her back first not yours" 

I have never felt so violated in my life, I just sat there shocked and dismayed at his words. I told him to watch the cameras and he then tells me, "I don't need to I have to believe Heather" he took any self dignity I had and just completely shit on it.

I felt as though Stuart tossed me into the wolf pack then shouting at me to fight my way out but I probably wouldn't survive. There was a complete defamation of character on his part when it came to me.

All that trust, those long talks we shared about his wife, his kids, the store, other employees, just went out the window. I just sat there stunned, shocked, and my heart just shattered. I got up and stormed out his office before I begged him one more time to watch the cameras over and over and right then and there he just said NO he wouldn't.

I stopped in the door way and asked him, "If Heather came to you and told you I stole $200 from the till and I told you no that was a lie, who would you believe me or Heather?" He just sat in his chair and not sure what to say I waited with great anticipation but then he said..."I would believe Heather" 

I don't know why Heather has it in for me I never ever did anything wrong to her, I never went against what she said, I never caused her any grief or hardship. If she told me I was to clean out the cash registers I would do it and when done you would be able to lick those registers with your tongue.

I go and give 110% of myself to this company, I put in a years worth of over time, extra shifts, breaking my back and time away from my daughter to be treated like this!!

Sometimes there is just no going back from being accused of something that you didn't do.