Sunday, July 16, 2017

Is it really good for the soul?

If you were to walk up to a perfect stranger and ask them, "is rejection really good for the soul?" what answer do you think you would get?

Out of one's own life can you think of how many times you have been rejected? And this rejection can be just about anything. Do you remember how many times you rehearsed over and over in your bathroom mirror and the bathroom at your work practicing what you would say searching for the right sentence, searching for what this company means to you, how you dedicate your life to this very company when wanting to ask your boss for that raise only to be rejected?

And the worst part of that is when you walk away and for some reason you take that painful glance back at them sitting behind their desk then shaking their head in shock and awe that you would even have the audacity to ask such a ridiculous question.

When it comes to dating how many times have you asked out someone and they shoot you down like the hunter that sits in the woods and sees his pray flying across the sky and without a thought or worry in his head he takes his mighty gun in hand, he aims, and then fires killing the bird in motion dropping it to the ground then letting out a shrill of victory.

I have been rejected in many ways and so many would tell me, "it bring character to ones heart, ones soul" of course they say that, its not happening to them right? Does rejection really make you stronger in your mind and what one can withstand when it comes to the pain we feel?

At Work

The one thing I do very seriously is my job. It provides me a paycheck I can bring home for me and my daughter. It provides us with our basic common needs for each and every day. It may not be thousands of dollars, but its far better then sitting on the couch licking my wounds wondering whatever happened to my life and living off the system such as food stamps and cash-aid.

While I work for one of the biggest retailers as a cashier, we accept WIC (women with infant and children) which is very particular of what the person who has WIC can purchase. There are countless times the person using WIC will try to throw in something that is not a WIC product then telling the cashier, "it's okay, I do it all the time" and of course that is not true.

For example; if one using WIC is only allowed to baby fruits and vegetables, they will try to throw in a baby food with MEATS and vegetables which it's not allowed!

Well some cashiers not familiar with WIC and what is accepted and not accepted has gotten us in terrible trouble with the state. This has happened twice and now we are being watched very carefully and if we lose WIC it will cut our sales by 75,000 dollars a year, and countless people who will no longer shop there.

The management has now told the assistant managers no matter who it is, how experienced we are on WIC they must be present when we ring up any WIC. I had a customer come through with WIC products and as usual the woman using WIC was trying to get in more baby food and items then what is allowed.

The steps:
1. I turned on my light for management to come help me
2. I checked the drivers license against the WIC check and marked the box with the name (which is the first thing you do)
3. SHE showed up and told me I was doing it all wrong and kicked me off my register, she embarrassed me in front of many other guest which made me so mad
4. SHE told me to go to another register and take other guest
5. SHE stayed at my register for 18.5 minutes finishing up the WIC from the guest


I got yelled at by management, I told them it wasn't true, I told them she was lying and I was beyond pissed. Because she did that it took any credibility I had as a person working there, my dedication to the company, my truth, and SHE just trashed it.

They of course believed her. I was crying I was so upset, I was hurt, I felt rejected by my own management team. It was as if all the 110% I give of myself into this company was kicked to the curb. I told them to check the cameras and they didn't bother to, and why? because they believed her over me.

I tried to defend myself yet no matter how many times I told them to check the cameras it was as if what I said just didn't matter.

My mom always says, "there is always one bitch in the group where you work. It doesn't matter how many times you try to get along with her, she just won't bend or try to be kind to anyone." Well this WOMAN is just that. She has had it in for me since I walked in to this store almost a year ago.

I stay late if they ask, I work extra days if they ask, I do whatever they need in order to make sure that front area of the store is presentable and every guest is taken care of in a positive manner. If they ask me to go and do additional work, it's done and without a question why me?

My work and dedication should be noted and it's not, my time spent there should be noted and it's not. When I went before my store director, my assistant manager, my lead manager of my department telling them I feel as if there is this ceiling over me and I need more they never once mentioned to me to go online and seek out different positions within the company and I have been saying this for months now.

I fought back to keep my self respect and when I challenged them on "who would you believe?" and they made it very clear they would believe HER over me, just took any self respect I had, any dignity that I had and tossed it out like the garbage that gathers each and every day in front of the store.

So, until I find employment elsewhere, I am no longer giving, I am not longer as dedicated to the store, I am no longer going to come in early work late, or give 110% of myself any longer. Nope! I am only going to give back what they give me.