Thursday, July 27, 2017

Do Other Bloggers Admit Wrong?

People say that when you admit your own wrong doing it builds your character and it creates strength in you as a person. Does it really or is it a way of just taking the blame in a classy way?

Eating crow was something I heard about as a young child. I remember thinking as a young child trying to picture someone eat a crow. I had envisioned a great King tearing apart the roasted bird sitting upon his thrown with food hanging from his mouth, his face full an ugly. His personality was the least to be desired and his fair maidens by his side waiting on every word he bellowed screaming his orders.

Then I had envisioned a women sitting in the corner with a baked pie hot and steamy similar to an apple pie. Her white cap upon her head with long blonde hair in thick braids along with a blue dress and white apron sporting wooden shoes and when she cracked open the warm pie a black crow would come flying out.

I learned much later in life exactly just what eating crow really was. It was admitting to your mistakes and trying to still gain some sort of self awareness of one's wrong doing. Taking the blame if you will for your own wrong doing. In today's world filled with such cynical people there are in fact people who are more worried about their outside appearance fearful of what others absolute perfect strangers think of you.

I came on here barking and growling about how Heather at work blamed me for doing WIC checks without her. How she was so eager to blame me to management of my wrong doing. I then barked and growled at management that I would not be the deciding factor on my store losing their WIC ability which would cost the store thousands in lost revenue and customers to boot.

Monday July 24th there was a new cashier and Heather of course was working and as she stood before the new cashier and myself just inches away, Heather brandished a WIC check that had been used. I immediately recognized the handwriting and realized it was MINE!

Well, here comes the CROW!!

So we already had two violations...two other cashiers as you all know let two things be substituted which cost the store money and those fines are NOT cheap! Stuart made such a huge issue on if we get one more then we lose our WIC...blah blah blah you all know who are following this.

Well, the WIC check Heather was showing to the new cashier was NOT signed by the person using the WIC and if WIC saw that it would of been OVER! WIC would of been gone.

So here I am screaming at my SENIOR boss how I would never be the deciding factor on my store to lose WIC when in fact it was ME that would have been the deciding factor of losing WIC I barked at my boss, my second boss in command and then the SENIOR boss how I would never let that happen and yet, if they never would have caught that, it would have gone through and it would be done and it would end up BAD!!

How do I recover from the shame of me acting like a total nut job? I am so ashamed of myself I have completely embarrassed myself and now I just cant face going back to the store. I would rather lose my job then face them and admit how wrong I was.

Now I have to eat crow and admit shame and admit my embarrassment to not only my two BIG bosses but to Heather as well.