Thursday, July 13, 2017

All Roads Lead to A Dead End

There are many people that will stay and fight the fight. I am the one person that has always told my girls, "every single day is a fight or survival, you must fight the fight every single day. Some day's will be better than others, but when the fight gets tough, you fight the fight to show you have strength, to show you care about you, to show you can survive."

On one side of the coin one must fight the fight but often more times then others, we must know when to walk away licking our wounds and claim it as either a learning curve or a loss. I have tried to teach my girls that when you fight the fight, it is okay to walk away rightfully knowing that you gave it your all, you dodged the punches, you did your fancy feet dancing to avoid getting punched, yet there was always that one punch that just laid you out.

Ever since I started Wedding Dress Wishes, I have been exhaustedly trying to get this off the ground. I have taken the jabs, I have taken the betrayal, I have taken the sleepless nights wondering how other companies got started on getting wedding dresses donated and have become successful.

I truly thought with my 29 years experience as a wedding planner often recognized as a "Project Manager" my talents of finding the perfect wedding dress for a bride, finding that perfect venue for the couple, dealing with contracts and negotiations from other vendors, taking a blank canvas within a wedding hall and then turning it into a real show stopper often with mouths dropping at the beauty I along with my team have created, I could start a company called Wedding Dress Wishes.

Since I started this, I have contacted numerous companies sharing my vision which then comes back as me being "admirable" to be exact, I have contacted over 500 companies and all five hundred companies wanted to shake my hands on what I was doing yet, when it came to them donating a wedding dress, they looked at me as if I just escaped the looney bin and I am holding them hostage with a gun.

How can companies tell me that I am doing something great for my community yet they turn a blind eye to helping me? How can people want to shake my hands or give me a hug for wanting to help families who do not have the funds or the means to buy their own daughter a wedding dress?

How can people tell me that parting with percentage of my proceeds which is then given to Children's Miracle Network located in Oregon, is a true blessing yet, when I ask them to donate a wedding dress to sell at a minimal cost, they turn their back to me and walk away?

When someone is taking a beating, a true relentless beating from countless strangers there just comes a time when one must get up, wave their white flag, and tell them fine, I am willing to lose out.

It just breaks my heart that this is what it is. I am so sick and tired of being told how great a person I am for doing what I am doing yet, when they show their true colors and they turn a blind eye to me, I know they do not have a true heart within them.

I know what it feels like to want something so bad, something that would make or brake me and yet, I never had the money, I know how my self-esteem took a hit, or when I had to tell my daughters that I couldn't afford to buy them those shoes they wanted so badly.

I guess I am the only one that saw the true vision here.