Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trying to Find the Good In Everyone

Well since my last post which seems like forever, so much has happened and then on the flip side of that so much as NOT happened.

Why is it when you are trying to get something off the ground you are hit with the worst flu you could ever experience in your life? I wished for death a quite a few times, I couldn't breath, my head felt it weighed 5,000 pounds, my body ached, and if I laid down I would have cough fits.

Isn't life GRAND!

With me trying to get my recycled wedding dresses off the ground, I have learned how to post things on EBay, and I have been graciously given a few dresses that I would like to believe someone would wear. The wedding dress I have is still available and then again, I see wedding dresses just sitting on Craigslist unsold in which case the owner of those dresses just keeps renewing their post over and over. Tell me why I would be nervous right? I mean if they can't sell their wedding dresses, what makes me believe I can sell mine?

I tend to wonder how these other companies that recycle wedding dresses have become so successful and with a great following? Okay, I know, we all have to pay our dues and we all have to take the hard road and then by some freak thing, all of a sudden, the phone starts ringing and people begin pounding down your door looking for that certain dress they saw on either Facebook, Craigslist or through my website I developed...RIGHT? (well that's the plan)

Sending Emails

Well I have sent many emails to Make A Wish Foundation and yet never have they returned any back yet. I even called them and left message after message and still not one call returned. I would think that someone would want to work with them and at the same time giving money to them to assist in the wishes that need be granted. 

Phone Calls

So I decided if the office for Make A Wish Foundation won't return my emails then phone calls is the next avenue I would take. I will call their corporate offices. As I made my calls I was switched from one person, to the next, and the next and with each transfer of calls, I had re-live my reason of why I was calling and then finally after almost losing my cool, what happens? I get an extension and I am being told to leave a voice mail. So, I did and still two weeks later, not one returned call to me. 

If it was a snake it would of bit me

Now I am sure that many of you have heard or even told yourself, "if it would of been a snake it would of bit me" it just kept following me around and around and around and I guess I was so wrapped up in my life, I just didn't see it. 

About two weeks ago, I was driving through McDonald's getting my usual junk food instead of actually making dinner, and as I sat waiting at the drive-through window there was a box filled with change and attached to the window and it read; "How the Ronald McDonald House helps families and you can too" well that was one time and then other time I was walking into my local grocery store and there was someone standing outside with a name tag that read "Children's Miracle Network" and they were asking for change for their organization. 

Now I know that we all have heard of people standing outside of stores asking for donations in the form of change or dollar bills and actually using for their own benefit instead of the actual organization. But, I have my very special reasons for loving this place. So, I dug into my change purse and pour in my lose change and walked along my merry way. 

Then the next day I see the Children Miracle Network again and the next store and the next, then once again as I am making my way through McDonald's yes once again, I see the Ronald McDonald's House box asking for donations and once again it is almost filled to the brim. 

Then it dawns on me right then and there, was I seeing these organizations for a reason? Was I supposed to see these because if it was a snake it would of bit me? Am I supposed to focusing my attention on this organization? 

Okay, so I thought Make A Wish Foundation was the key group I wanted to work with, but now I am wondering if I am supposed to change my direction of thinking and start all over by contacting Children's Miracle Network? 

So recently, my youngest daughter, my baby that was born way to early, she comes into my office and tells me how some hospital has now joined forces with the Children's Miracle Network and they are working side-by-side in assisting families with their medical needs in hopes to have their baby live long loving lives. 

My mind began to trail back to when she was born and how the Ronald McDonald's House was there to help me through the hardest transition of my life. I was standing over my youngest daughter as she was plugged into every single working machines that assisted her in breathing, living and not turning jaundice. 

I do consider my youngest daughter a miracle, she wasn't supposed to live, she had a 6% chance of survival and she beat the odds. Have I found my founding fact of who I want to make donations to? Well, time will tell, I am going to write to them and see if I can in fact use their non-profit licensing instead of me having to get my own. 

Is that even possible? Can I actually use someone else's non-profit licensing?