Saturday, June 3, 2017

What is your "LIfes Mission?"

So, I have shared so many times how I began to notice things about my youngest daughter being very particular about how she does things in her everyday life. It became even more transparent as she grew and changed.

For example, I did her laundry for her and hung up her jeans in the closet and when she entered her closet she had a complete meltdown that it was not done properly. So, it went from her jeans to her shoes, to how she manages her daily routines. I noticed it became an obsession with her. This obsession took control of her everyday life and almost became crippling for her and I had her tested.

Well, after seeing a therapist and her pediatrician, she was diagnosed with OCD and Anxiety. Thinking that these doctors were just total QUACKS! I decided to shake up her daily routine by taking my daughter out and running errands when she was supposed to be home brushing her teeth and washing her face. Well needless to say, that back fired on me BIG TIME! She had a complete meltdown that she was not home washing her sheets or brushing her teeth or even washing her face at the designated time that she did these daily routines.

So, the doctors wanted to find out if I her mother, had the same issue. So, I was also tested. I came back with 5% OCD and 95% observant. The doctors of course thought something was wrong with the test and actually issued another test and it came back TEN FOLD BIGGER! I was 4% OCD and 96% observant.

So what does this have to do with your "Life's Mission" well for me, EVERYTHING! Working as a cashier at one the biggest leading retail stores, I cannot begin to share how many people have come through my line and shared some stories. And, me being 95-96% observant, can only imagine how my head was spinning!

I cannot begin to tell you how many people complained about their job, how their life turned out, how their marriage is falling apart, how their children are drug addicts, alcoholics, teens with babies, and mothers who wish they could not be a mother for at least week. I had NO MERCY FOR THESE PEOPLE! My sympathetic bone did not come alive, they did not tug at my heart strings, actually, I just shook my head and wished them a good day and was glad they were out of my line!



If I saw some man or woman walking down the street homeless and hungry, their head hanging down, in tattered clothing, and lets throw in starving, I can tell you exactly what they are thinking. They believe that they deserved that type of life.

I believe everyone has control of their life and they do what they will and when they will and when they want and how. You can either hang out with dead-end people who have no future or you can surround yourself with thriving achieving people that can also engage you in a wonderful life.

So, what is your mission in life?

What is your purpose for being on this earth? Is it to feel sorry for yourself that opportunity didn't come knocking at your front door? The last time I checked my neighbors come knocking on my door NOT opportunity! Do you feel you didn't get that raise that you deserved? Do you feel you got passed over for that job promotion? How about that car that you wanted and the dealership told you no due to faulty credit and delinquent past due bills.

There are many people in this world that are driven for success, they work hard, they dedicate their time and energy into their career and yes, it does pay off. But it takes time to have it pay off. Well, except for my brother the one person who's life changed in a blink of an eye because he helped a woman at a front desk with her computer.

Are you the greedy type that does nothing for anyone except for yourself? Do you put yourself out there to help others? Do you ever tell yourself, "I want to give back, I am wealthy in my life not by what is determined in my bank account or my wallet, but wealthy with a family that loves me, I have a roof over my head, a car that works, and food in my cabinets. I have a job that gives me a paycheck  and my bills are paid."

How many people walk around complaining about how their life turned out? Hundreds, thousands, how about millions? Everyone has the opportunity to do something great with their life. They have the wisdom and time to make that change in their life, to work hard, to dedicate their life to what they want. But like the many thousands if not millions of people they want it handed to them. They want the Good Fairy of Life to just walk up and hand them a life filled with riches and comfort along with entitlement.

When I was with my two oldest daughter dad, all he did was sit back and complain about how his life turned out. Trust me when his mouth was moving he was complaining he was not the Chef he felt he deserved to be. He blamed his father who was an alcoholic which ultimately turned him into one.

He complained that his anger made him beat women, he complained when he was arrested for drunk driving that he didn't deserve to be arrested. When he was sitting around puffing on cocaine with a cigarette he blamed me for being a drug addict.

Yep, it was the worlds fault that he ended up the way he did. God forbid it was his fault!

Do you even have a mission in life? Do you ever stop to think about such a task? How does one determine what their mission in life is? Awwww, that is the tricky part.

There are countless people that give back and I am not dismissing them at all. I see the individuals that work whole heatedly with the disabled. They are the caregivers, they are the one's making a change into the lives of the one that is less fortunate.

How many times have you been in line and witnessed someone short money to purchase their goods? Do you reach into your pocket and help that individual? Do you tell yourself, "well they shouldn't get something that they can't afford?"

What is your talent that you know exist in your heart and soul? Are you a good listener? Are you talented in making things? Do you know how to cook delicious foods? Do you have some spare time that you could give back or do you waste it away sitting on the couch with the remote in your hand complaining that nothing is on the television?

Make a list!

  • Ask friends and family what they see in you and be prepared for some answers you may not like because their are going to be answers that can and will possibly hurt you.
  • Do some soul searching
  • Dig deep into your heart and mind of some of your greatest achievements and how you got there. Can you share those achievements with others?
  • Are you a great organizer?
  • Do you know how to throw an awesome party that will and can be talked about weeks after the party ended?
  • What do you see doing in your spare time?  

For myself, I sat down and wrote some of my greatest strengths and weakest things I struggle with. I wrote down what I did during my career as an event planner for the past 28 years, I decided my strength is in giving back. I am far from pocketbook rich, I think I have $21.00 in one of my checking account, I know I am negative $54.00 in my credit union account, and I am negative in my US Bank account by $3.21 cents.

But, I get such an enriching joy in giving back. It gives me a sense of what God put me on the earth to do. Now I am not getting all religious or anything but there is a reason and a purpose for our mission and what we are to do with our life in which is a mission.

I am starting a non-profit and I am putting in the hard work, the time, the dedication, and hopefully the money to start this. I am giving back to brides and with 28 years experience I know just how to do that. Then with the profits I make, I am donating 15% of my money to "Make A Wish Foundation."

Everyone needs to take note of the jobs they had and the next job, and the next job, and the next job and take note of your strengths there, what made them do that job, what drove them to that job and what made them work hard at that job. Make a map, start from your very first job and map out where you were then and where you are now. You will shocked at how you find yourself!

I know I was!