Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

As young girl I wanted to be right just ONCE or multiple times and have my mom be wrong just that ONE time or even multiple times. Yet, no matter what happened in the end of everything I did, she was right and it just bugged me!

Still now at the age of 56, when I tell her my ideas and thoughts along with what I want to accomplish, she of course tells me what can go wrong, what will go wrong, and then as I stand there still I want her to tell me how right I am but, that doesn't happen and why? Because to this day, she is STILL RIGHT!

The Vicious History of Life!

I would like to meet the kings of wisdom who always said, "history will always repeat it's self" because now some how some way I have become my mother telling my own daughters what can happen, what will happen, how to do things, how not to do things, what to say, and, well you get the idea especially if your a mom!

I would like to know when I became my mother especially when it comes to my daughters? Has my mom's own wisdom poured over to me or has life just been such a learning point as I walked through some of the darkest places of my life while learning just how cold and mean life really can be? Are we supposed to take the darkest points of our lives and learn from them, of course we are.

As I grow older and still feel I need to impress my parents with my very own success, a very daunting and exhausting task, I decided to try to venture out and get my real estate license. After three failed attempts of wanting my real estate license and only seeing the beauty of selling homes and making a bundle of cash yet it never happened. I failed the real estate exam THREE TIMES!!

Why is it we always see the glamour of things and not the reality of things when we venture out and try something else? Do our minds become so fogged up that the reality of what can go wrong we tend to push away the reality of it instead of facing our challenges head on?

Does the success we crave and yearn for become so dark and unattainable due to the challenges we take on the very challenges that often rattle our minds and dreams so deeply we tend to give up and why is that? Why is it when we talk to someone that actually made a success of themselves we always ask ourselves, "okay, so what did they do to become a success and not me? What obstacles did they face and how did they overcome them? Where they independently wealthy that it just didn't matter what financial struggles came their way it was just drop in the penny bucket for them?" 

Okay, I get it, I know we all have to pay our dues and we all have to start somewhere yet there are so many out there I feel they have a dream and within a matter of months they have become this great success.

"Wish Upon A Wedding Dress"

My dream of opening up my own "Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses" as a non-profit is becoming just depressing. I shared earlier how I was one of the lucky one's with my youngest daughter. She came into the world when I was almost 30 weeks pregnant and well, babies often born at that age will suffer complications and often never reach a certain age or they are left with multiple challenges not only for themselves, but for the families of these children.

The very vivid memories of myself being at CHOC Children's Hospital in Santa Ana, California of me standing over the incubator of my daughter who was literally plugged into every machine possible to help her breath, work her kidneys, assist her in not becoming jaundice, blood tubes, blood pressures, I mean you name it, Sela was hooked up with it.

I still remember the three families that were told their son or daughter would never reach the tender age of young child and for now, just make the most of the time they have with their beloved child. I vividly remember the tears of these families rightfully knowing they will have to bury their babies yet I was going to take my daughter home.

I had heard of "Make-A-Wish Foundation" and it just stuck in the back of my mind of what they do and how they take in donations to help the young dying children or teens have one last wish before they die. The one wish they wanted to accomplish before they take on their last breath and close their eyes and let the Angels of Death come and take them away from their families as they weep of their child now gone.

I always told myself if I ever won the lotto I would give a big chunk of my money to this organization because I was one of the lucky ones, I got to bundle my baby up in the blankets I bought and the darling little outfit for her first adventure into the world and now coming home with me for the rest of her life.

I managed to save my money and buy two wedding dresses and one evening gown. One of the wedding dresses is a vintage wedding dress that is just amazing, it was hand made and just a stunning beauty. The other is more simpler wedding dress that is still very pretty and the evening dress well, that can be worn by a more mature woman who is marrying again yet wanting to keep her attire simple yet elegant. Or, it can be worn at a black and white affair, a dinner party, wine tasting event, you name it, once this evening dress is worn, you will be the talk of the evening!

Simple Yet Elegant $75.00 Size 16

Beaded Sheer Jacket

Beaded & Tailored

Strapless Simple Yet Elegant Dress Size 4-6 $150.00

                                                              Hand Made Vintage Wedding Dress

So those are the dresses I am trying to sell and make some money so I can start my non-profit and work side-by-side with Make-A-Wish Foundation so I can bless those that are in need of support, love, and comfort for their beloved babies!

I have posted my dresses on Facebook (Vancouver, WA Free, Buy, Trade or Barter)  and Craigslist (Portland OR then by clicking on CLK short or Clark County) and yet not one hit. I guess I was thinking that this was an easy sell because they are in fact beautiful dresses. I have done my homework for the vintage wedding dresses and I have talked to vintage shops and found out that a vintage wedding dress such as mine could go for much more than I am offering.

So, as I sit and lick my wounds and still check email on a daily basis along with my posted Facebook page and Craigslist I still pray and hope that someone will buy these while still seeking out donations of wedding dresses, I hope and pray that this dream comes full circle and I can make one last wish for a child to come true.

If your interested in purchasing these dresses please contact me or if you have any thoughts or ideas of how I can make this dream come full circle, that would be amazing!

Thanks for reading!