Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Continuing My Mission

Yesterday I spent a good part of my day pondering on the idea of opening up my business. I have tried multiple avenues of operating any business and the problem was I was trying to many things that I really had no idea exactly what I was doing.

I went to law school because I thought it was expected of me to succeed through my parents vision. That of course never turned out. I then ventured off to medical school and well, that never panned out either because I was not bilingual in Spanish. Living so close to the border of Mexico leaves one that does not speak Spanish pretty crippled in the work force.

So after licking my wounds of not being able to work in the medical field or the law field, I decided to take a back seat to anything I would ever do. I took to being a single mother of three girls while seeking to find a husband and always finding one yet I always found myself signing one divorce paper after another. I always thought I wanted to be married with a husband, kids, and he works and I stay home with the girls.

I even became envious of other women who had what I wanted. So envious that I almost became resentful to them even if they didn't know me. They were living out what I thought were my dreams and my life.

It never once dawned on me where my expertise actually really was yet it was staring me right in the face. If it could of slapped me it would of left a massive red welt on my face and I think I still would have ignored it. For some reason, I was determined to try something else other then accept what was sharing every inch of my space within myself.

From Slinging Hash to Planning Weddings

While I worked as a waitress I had worked multiple special events and always jumping and taking full charge of everything about the event at hand. I knew how to place the entire room, how to arrange the seating, set the food, set the table, run the room as if I owned it, and when it came to weddings, well that was a whole new thing and, for some reason I knew everything about and yet still, I was chasing other dreams, dreams that started at one point yet never became a full circle.

Weddings were so easy for me, finding wedding dresses and fighting for the bride and what she wanted was like taking candy from a baby it was to easy. I became a pit bull when the bride didn't get what she wanted. If someone stood in my way or wanted to change something that was not supposed to be changed, anyone and everyone would hear my slow growl then turning into a full vengeance of gnashing teeth followed by a barking demand to back off!

After 29 years of doing that anyone with half a brain would have known this was their calling but NOPE not me! I always had multiple people knocking on my door begging for help with their wedding, begging for help finding their wedding dresses, begging for help in the design of their wedding and yet still it never once dawned on me that this was my calling in life. I guess because I couldn't stay married made me think how could I run a wedding business? Does that even work together?

My Own Epiphany

While I was out shopping at my favorite second hand stores I always came across countless wedding dresses. Dresses I would see and knew if I could re-design them, clean them, I could sell them with no problem. But through heavy sighs and often just passing it by, it never came full circle. Yet, I always felt that circle tugging at my heart and sometimes that circle would keep me up at night lecturing me on why I didn't see what the circle was actually trying to tell me.

Now, twenty something years later, here I am pounding on my keyboard about seeking and finding one's mission in life and making it come true. Does that make me my own personal "Oxy Moron" ?

So I have finally decided on a name for my company and before I announce it, I want to make sure I make it legal and then once it is legal I will be more than glad to share the name. I managed to scrap together $100.00 dollars and bought two wedding dresses and one is in the dry cleaners and the other is hanging in my closet as we speak.

Research, Research, & MORE Research

After doing my research of what I want to do and trust me, that has been all I have been doing each and every morning for the two months! Research and study, read about 501c3's, take notes, read, research, take notes, read, and read, and read again. I found out that such a business venture as what I want to do can earn $430,000 in the first year.

Now I just need to some how find the money to get my:
  • 501c3
  • Business cards
  • Design the website
  • Business license
  • Letters
  • Logos
  • Contracts
  • Company policy
  • Do's and Don'ts of my mission
I need to contact my charity of choice which is "Make A Wish Foundation" an organization that depends solely on the donations of others to make dreams comes true.

Imagine If You Will

I blogged earlier how my youngest decided to make her entrance while I was in my almost 30th week of pregnancy. After relentless trying from multiple doctors working together to get her to stop entering the world to early, well, she proved them wrong and there she was! This tiny baby that when laying across my chest, her head would rest on one shoulder and her feet would touch the other shoulder. She weighed a total of almost 3 pounds at birth.

As I picked her up I saw that she was completely blue around the mouth and eyes. I asked the nurse if this was normal and suddenly the nurse grabbed her and ran out of the room screaming with a panic shrill in her voice, "CODE BLUE INFANT" over and over leaving me to panic and wonder if I would ever see her again.

My Eyes Wide Open

While I stood over my third daughter plugged into just about every machine one could ever imagine in order to assist her in living, that was when I saw countless families at the "CHOC Children's Hospital" in Santa Ana, California listen to the doctors telling parents their child only has weeks to live.

Some were told their child will live to be five or maybe ten yet their life will eventually come to an end they will have to bury their baby. I would sit and rock my third daughter while I watched parents just cry and scream at the fact that they would never see their baby ever live a full rich life.

Time Is of The Essence is so meaningful to the families of these children that will never live a full rich eventful life. These families that must remain strong and forever forthcoming they are forced to make each and everyday a day filled with memories. Pictures will hang from their walls from current to then gone and each and everyday, the parents will pass those pictures and wonder why or what happened  to make their child die.

I watched parents blame each other while I was in the hospital nursing my own baby to health. I watched them make bargains with God, I watched them pleading for more time, I watched them yes, even pull the plug.

Giving back to a dying child, a child that has one last wish before he or she dies is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I know I was the lucky one, I know I was given a chance to make a difference to a dying child and that is my mission in life.

Selling wedding dresses and then give 15% of my proceeds to "Make A Wish Foundation"