Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Different View

Okay, I have been alone now for sometime. I am not one that enjoys sharing my failures but hey, what is blogging for? We admit our failures as well as our successes right?

I have spent the majority of my time alone and the reason for that is well number one, I have raised my children single handedly and secondly, I have a HORRIBLE track record when trying to find the opposite sex for a lasting loving relationship. In layman's term....I SUCK AT FINDNG LOVE!

Broken Hearts

I have suffered my share of broken hearts and why? Because I have what I call a "Broken Picker" and I have picked some real WINNERS to the point that my mom looks at me when meeting a new boyfriend and ask me, "why, what are you even thinking, did you fall down and bump your little head, did any part of your logical thinking become obsolete?"

I have been on just about every single dating website that money can buy. I have been on Match, Our Time, EHarmony, Zoosk, and to no avail, I have met men that were just crazy! I even had one guy ask me to pick him up at the bus stop!!

I especially loved when they told their story how they live at home with their parents at my age of fifty-six. I mean come on, you live with your mommy and daddy at fifty six?? WOW!

I love when they tell me they are "retired" but actually they are unemployed! Many have told me that my standards are so high that not any man can ever reach those standards or come close. Well, why the hell not?

So, what are my standards? Good Question...Well here is some to name just a few, okay, maybe more than a few.

  • Financially independent
  • Has a home
  • Has a car
  • Has a job
  • Is not a registered sex offender/child molester
  • Has not been to jail/rehab
  • Is loyal, kind, caring
  • Has parents still married
  • Is not a year round fisherman

I have learned through the five failed marriages, countless horrible relationships, oh here's one example of a horrible relationship...

Steve, he worked at Walmart he was tall dark and handsome. He had this vibrant personality, he had an infectious laugh, and he was just HOT as hell. Okay, so he worked at Walmart I admit it's not one of my best times. But he was fun, we always were out doing or going somewhere. Sexually this man knew just how to please a woman in bed.

So, what's the downside? Let me make my list here....

I learned over time....

Alcoholic...I thought I could change that or live with it
Drug Addict...my daughter's told me that he was smoking a funny smelling thing from foil on our deck
Womanizer...I met a lady at our local cellphone company store. I struck up a conversation and that was when I learned she had a boyfriend that worked at Walmart and his name was Steve.
Going to Walmart...he hated when I went into the store he worked at, he told me that it would be better if I shopped at the other Walmart twenty miles away.

So, while living with this total loser, I had enough and trust me, I got even. He, Steve, refused to move out. Refused to leave and never in my life did I ever have so many cops at my house left and right ever and well with Steve I did. From the fights to the yelling to the mad rages he had.

He was deathly allergic to cats and I mean DEATHLY ALLERGIC! So I asked my daughter's one day, "hey want to go get a couple of cats?"

So I came home with two full grown cats and within minutes his face swelled up, his eyes swelled shut and he couldn't breath. He tried to kick them out of the house and once again, I called the cops, called my parents, and both came out to the house and he was arrested for animal abuse and he was forced to leave. Yet, I still remember our conversation....

"Ahhhh, are the kitties bothering you...gee, that's too bad"
"Ahhhh, what's wrong, can't your breath....gee, that's too bad."

He left and the kitties stayed and now spoiled and just filled with love and FAT!

So, the other day, a lady I work with shared how she joined Plenty of Fish another dating website that is free and she actually met a really nice guy there.

So, I gave into temptation and now have decided to track my dating life here. I will share everything! So, wish me luck as I dive in and hopefully with all my failed marriages and really bad choices, I will make better ones and oh yeah, NOT getting married either!