Tuesday, March 28, 2017

29 Years of Experience

When I started in the food industry at the age of sixteen, if someone would have told me at the age of twenty-four, I would be starting my own event planning business I would have laughed at them with total hysteria.

During my rein within the hospitality industry I ventured out into hotels working banquets. Within these banquets, I had worked many weddings which I witnessed countless mishaps from wrong decorations to vendors not even showing up. Imagine more than one hundred plus guest arriving and the chairs which were rented for this glorious event go missing. A wedding cake that was supposed to be white with florals is now black and white with football slogans splattered everywhere and written on the black cake, "Congrats on your victory game."

The Worst Wedding Ever!

Once the hotel industry was to much, I landed a job back in the restaurant industry working at a place called "Sam's Seafood" located in Seal Beach, California. Sam's was known for the gaudy sea decorations but more for hosting countless weddings as well as their Sunday Brunches. One afternoon I was rapidly approached by Ginger the restaurant manager telling with me sheer panic in her voice to drop what I was doing and go tend to the wedding in the banquet room.

I learned rather quickly the wedding planner who had been employed for many years decided she was done and without warning or any word, she up and quit walking out on a wedding that as about to take place.

The wedding party consisted of nine men and women dressed in gaudy disgusting bright amber orange dresses, amber orange floral hair ornaments and the men sporting sky blue tuxedos flashing their  amber orange bow-ties and cumber-buns.

Sam's Seafood just went under and entire remodel renovation. The drab ugly stained green carpet was replaced with new hideous forest green carpet. The ocean theme wallpaper displaying an array of multiple fish, sharks, wicker huts and pineapples.

Here I was faced with trying to piece together a wedding which was to begin in forty-five minutes, guest were arriving so I dove in and began arranging the banquet room, place settings, center pieces, working with the vendors hired to provide the wedding cake, assisting in setting up the music, the stage in which the bride was to walk down meeting her soon-to-be husband.

Through all that I found the groom and his men tossing back straight hard liquor all laughing and cracking some horrible rude jokes. The groom took out cigars for all his men to smoke and once I approached the groom telling him to please not smoke his cigars what does he do, he drops it on the fresh forest green carpet stomping it out with his foot while tossing back his hard liquor drink.

I turned in disgust wondering where the bride was and once I found her the bride along with her bridal party had wrapped dollar bills in which was used for snorting drugs up all their noses. Yep, this wedding was out of control.

I had managed somehow to get all the guest seated and served them all drinks. I had found the bride who of course was flying higher than a kite, the groom completely liquored up, and when I had the bridal party begin their walk down the stage then the bride who of course was completely staggering all over the stage.

Their nuptials were voiced, there was a round of applause, the kissing of the bride and groom then turning to their guest they make their way down the stage. Each of them were faced with hugs and good cheer and suddenly out of nowhere the craziest thing happened....

The groom opened up the far back door  then letting it slam behind him. Yep, the groom walked out fifteen minutes after saying, "I do" to the bride and his guest never to return. It was a complete disaster. The bride was crying, the mother-of-the bride (MOB) and the father-of-the bride (FOB) got into a head on screaming match with the grooms parents. This was headed for disaster and that is exactly what happened, dishes were thrown, food was everywhere and all I wanted to do was just hide.

Not every wedding is like this there are joyous weddings that I have planned in which have left a lasting impression in my mind filled with beautiful memories. I have been approached so many times from so many people asking me for advice, how to put fires out, help in planning multiple events, and now I want to pass this wisdom to others.

Stay Tuned on what NOT to do when planning your special event.