Friday, February 3, 2017

Double Take

Everyone knows that our eyes can play tricks on us. We often have to do a "double take" to make sure we what we think we saw, we actually saw. I have done it so many times. I can read an advertisement on the side of a moving truck then taking a double take thinking it said something else yet in reality it was no big deal.

I am one of those people that always takes a double take when looking at something. Is it a sign of losing my vision? Or is it a sign of my brain over reacting to something?

I personally have taken double take looks several times. Once many years ago while working at one of the biggest discount shoe stores, I was passing by an isle when I thought I saw a man in the size twelve section of ladies shoes. I stopped and told myself, "nah, that was just a burly looking woman." But then curiosity got the best of me and I went back to take a double look only to find out that in fact it was a man trying on ladies red pump heels and pretending to be at party while someone was complementing him on his shoes. Yeah, I freaked out a little bit!

Personal Double Takes

I was becoming more and more disgusted with Savi as she still continued to squeeze the financial life out of Cassandra and Phillip. Little did I know what she had master planned with Cassandra and when I found out I felt so violated.

I had received a phone call from Phillip. It shocked me that he would take the time to call me. I asked him if he wanted to talk to Savi but he told me he needed to talk to me privately.

He began with how excited he was on the chance of adopting Savi's baby and as the time was growing closer and closer he was now beginning to feel the financial pinch of her antics. When Cassandra supplied Savi with a cellphone I knew it was to keep in touch with her and back in those days cellphone companies had yet to embrace the "unlimited" use factor. Savi had managed to rack up $300 to $500 cellphone bills. She was going way over her data, sitting online, calling everyone and talking for hours. He begged me to talk to her an try to get her to understand what she was doing wrong and still she clung to the blackmail if they want her baby they will pay dearly.

Feeling Violated

I was still trying to remain neutral with both Cassandra and Phillip and Savi's horrible behavior. I was running ragged while still trying to maintain a general home life for both Sara and Sela but sad to say, Sara was once again taking care of Sela more than she wanted to.

It was now turning to almost Winter and Savi was due the end of December. I was excited for Cassandra and Phillip that they would be given the best gift of all, better than any gift anyone can ever receive, they were to get Savi's baby December 23rd. Yet, my heart broke knowing that Savi would return home without her baby the day before Christmas Eve.

The adoption place informed Savi that it was time to see an attorney for the adoption process and Savi of course wanted Dio to attend. He was now back in her life full time and when he wasn't with Savi he was either at work or school. Dio told me he would meet me along with Sara and Sela at the attorney's office in the afternoon and I of course accepted. If I didn't have to be with Savi that was just fine for me.

Little did I know what was about to happen. Savi was beginning to feel the pinch of soon losing her baby and she was of course emotional. I was trying to be supportive and understanding and with each try Savi just shot me down. The more I tried the more she pushed for me not to be involved.

Cassandra sat next to Savi giving her full emotional support and Savi of course accepted her loving touches and kind words. Then it happened both Cassandra and Savi kicked me in the gut knocking the wind right of me.

"Savi and I have been talking and we both want to ban you from any and all doctors appointments, what we do for Savi you can no longer have any say in it. You cannot confront Savi asking why she is doing what she is doing such as Savi's personal financial needs and on the day of the delivery you will not be welcomed to attend the birth of our baby."

Cassandra demanded that I leave the room and no longer have any say in what conspires between her and Savi any longer. Savi was playing once again on the sympathy of this woman and this woman was so desperate for a child she would put a bridge between me and my own daughter.

Phillip and Dio had no idea what both Savi and Cassandra were up to and of course Dio told Savi with rage and anger she was making the worst mistake of her life and she then turned her ugly glare from me to him telling him to shut up or he can leave with me. So, Dio got up and told Savi she was cold, ruthless and evil. He them told Cassandra she would sell her soul to the devil to have a child but to come in between a mother and daughter was wrong. With that being said, he told Savi he no longer wanted to have anything to ever do with her ever again. Not a flinch from Savi, she didn't even bat an eye at his statement.

Phillip just blew his shit he was pissed! He demanded that his wife stop with her games and apologize to me but she refused. He told her this was not the way to have a family but she didn't care.
Savi just sat staring at me with such a conviction of hate and loathing then asking me what I was still doing there.

You see at one of her OBGYN appointments the doctor informed Savi that she was now an emancipated adult from her family because she was sixteen and pregnant and the laws would protect her. So, Savi informed Cassandra and together they master planned for me to be out of the picture all together.

So, I played the game...

"Fine, you want me out, your shit will be out on the front step when you come home to my house..NOT your house. Cassandra, I cannot believe that you would do this to me when all I tried to do was help you. But that's fine you do what you need to do."

Cassandra told me that I was making a mistake and blowing this out of proportion.  I just laughed at her statement.

"No," I told her. My mind was turning and if she wanted to play, let's play because when I play, I do not play fair.

"I mean, since you and Savi have this master plan and she claims to be an emancipated adult, adult being the keyword, well, she doesn't need to live with me anymore correct? I mean you want to play semantics with me well, you better cross your T's and dot your I's because now, your stuck with her. You can buy her food, pay her rent, and take care of her."

The lawyer came in when all of use were shouting and screaming at each other then left telling us he would be back when all this crap settles down. Cassandra just sat there with her mouth hanging open, Phillip continued to stare at his wife wondering who she had become and why she was alienating me from my own daughter. 'With Dio now gone, Sela was beginning to cry and Savi, well Savi just sat there staring me with her evilness, with her ugliness, she didn't care what happened to me. Her objective, was to take me out.

My anger got the best of me, I never felt more violated except when I was raped by Rick Savi's dad. My logical thinking turned black and I zoned out from reality.

"Savi, you do what you need to do, you Cassandra you desperate fool, not only did you gain a child, you now gained a sixteen year old freak. Savi, good luck being MOTHERLESS!"

Sara, Sela and myself gathered our things and stormed out of the attorney's office. And, when I got home, I did just what I said I would do. I went into Savi's room gathered her things and tossed them out on the front lawn. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING that Savi owned was now out on the front lawn.