Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Does a leopard ever change its spots?

Okay, I have to admit, I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I enjoyed waking up and only getting Sara and Sela ready. The mamma drama was gone. I was back to restful nights I was back to eating dinner at the dinner table, I was back to enjoying my coffee with Raiza sitting around and talking about all the drama that was caused by Savi. It was practically therapeutic to discuss my feelings with her because no one else wanted to hear my side, so hell, why not?

Sara was still adjusting to her sister being gone but now she was running around with Tiffany Raiza's daughter. They had become thick as thieves and I felt blessed that she had made a friend with my best friends daughter. We did everything together. With her husband as a trucker and him being gone Monday through Friday, well, we all ate together so many nights matter of fact it was just about every night that we spent together.

Yet, in the back of my mind I did wonder how Savi was getting along with Rick. I did wonder if he was abusing her, I did wonder if she was stealing his booze or yet if they were sitting on his balcony sipping drinks from the same cup. I wondered if she understood the depths of her mistake living with him and the amount of control and manipulation he would pull on everyone and everything that got in his way just to have his way.

Well, after my few days of freedom from Savi I wanted to make sure that CPS and the courts along with my local police knew of her moving to San Fernando Valley. I no longer wanted my door knocked on from people that appeared to have more power than God. So, after getting Sara off to school and Sela down for her morning nap I sat down at my dining table and pulled out the now collected seventy five CPS cards, police business cards along with the phone numbers of Monterey Park Children's Court and the names that followed.

I gladly gave them all Ricks name, address, and phone number and when exactly I took her up there. My thinking was that since Savi wanted to dispose of me from just living, she was going to fill Rick's head with a bunch of lies of what I did and what I didn't do.

Well this is where the leopard does NOT change it's spots. That is exactly what she did. She told Rick that I beat her with a wooden spoon, that I dragged her by her hair, slapped her face countless times, called her a whore, called her a slut, and just tore down her spirit left and right. Of course she was playing on Rick's sympathy and she was damn good at it. When you get two exact same souls together such as Rick and Savi, it is like watching two of the worst storms ever seen collide causing devastation and ruins.

Funny how she left out the fact that I lost four jobs, how I chased her for four years trying to help her, how I never slept for fear of finding her dead, how I drove her to one doctor after the next trying to help her, how we attended family counseling, how I did so much for her. Of course that was never mentioned, nope, she just tore me down left and right. Any chance she got to throw me under the bus you bet she did. Rick was now calling me left and right calling me every name in the book along with threatening me that he was going to take Sara from me along with me losing Sela. Of course I just hung up on him. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah....CLLICK!

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned in months with Savi gone. I never once ever touched Savi's room I never went through her things or touched anything while she was gone. She had been gone now for almost seven months.

Then that one fatal night, Sara and I were sitting on the couch watching some talent show it must of been around nine or so when my phone rang and it was the San Fernando Police. I was shocked to hear from them but once they told me who they were I knew it centered around Savi and Rick. I of course shut off the television and Sara of course began asking me multiple questions left and right.

I was told by a deputy that one of the students in the school that Savi was attending while living with Rick found her in the girls bathroom all cut up and bleeding on the floor. Savi managed to make a make-shift shank and she cut into her feet, her ankles, her arms, her legs, her thighs, just about any where she could reach.

The deputy told me that he tried to talk to Rick and once he got wind of what she was doing he drove to the school and once he arrived he demanded to see Savi but she was under surveillance and being held by the school principal along with the ambulance. Well, Rick continued to make an ass out of himself and he ended up getting arrested.  He was charged with disorderly conduct and driving drunk. That for some reason does not surprise me one bit.

The deputy ended up telling me that the social worker that was called out to the school researched Savi and they found out I had sole and physical custody of Savi and that they had to release her to my custody. The deputy also told me that they found multiple bruises on her from Rick which added to the already charged up things on him that night that they added child abuse to his record as well.

Rick explained to the deputy that he did use a belt that was called "Mr. Brown" that was used on his daughters as well as Savi if they did not do as they were told. Rick typically would hit his girls and Savi in the back of the legs so when they wore their clothing it never showed.

I was instructed to meet a social worker at Gardena Police Department a place that was over an hour away from me for me to claim Savi. Hell I didn't want her here, that was the last thing I wanted. That was something that was the farthest thing from my mind. So as the clock continued to tick through the night, I had to wait for a phone call and no one knew when that was going to come. Finally at around 1:30 in the morning my cell phone rang and I was told to meet a social worker at the police department. I did however ask how Savi was and if she was in fact okay. I was told that she was good as can be expected.

Rick of course was bailed out by his wife Jackie and once he was home he yelled and screamed at me that he wanted her back. I told Rick I knew that he was arrested and there was no way in hell that he would get her back. He made his ever so charming threats and I reminded him I knew of Mr. Brown and if he didn't watch what he was saying to me I would turn him in for abuse on his own kids. Rick of course blew up and exchanged some unpleasant words for me but I just laughed and hung up on him again.

With me having to go and get Savi during the middle of the night that meant I had to wake up Sara and get Sela up and dressed. I was so pissed that once again my life would be disturbed because I had a daughter that just couldn't walk the straight and narrow even if she walked on a straight bridge. She would find someway to make it crooked.

Well, when I showed up at the police department there was no one there. I instantly grew uncomfortable being there in the middle of the night. Gardena was known for gangs and violence along with drive by shootings. I know I waited for almost half an hour when suddenly a car drove up with Savi sitting in the passenger seat. I was greeted by a social worker from Los Angeles and she asked for my ID which I showed her as well as letting her know my address. She then warned me of the multiple cuts on Savi including the amount of bandages that she had. She told me not to be surprised but when she opened the door Savi just completely feel out hitting the cold black pavement in the parking lot of course the mamma bear came out. I wanted to lunge for her to help her to her feet but quickly Savi yelled at me telling me to stay away from her. She had appeared to drugged up or seemed to be drinking. She was so unstable on her feet.

She screamed at me to not touch her she then screamed at the social worker for bringing her back to me. She told the social worker that she tricked her, she lied to her, and then all of a sudden I just didn't care it didn't matter if I got pissed because the way I saw it, if the social worker felt it was wrong to keep her with me she just would have loaded her up and shipped her off to foster care and I get to go home to my quiet home.

But I grabbed her and shook her and ended up telling her to shut the fuck up and get in the car that we were going home. I had an appointment at 8:30 that morning which I knew was just endless but by the time we finally got to leave and me signing papers it was almost 5:00 am. Once we were home Savi just went to her room and crashed on her bed. I told Sara to stay home from school and go back to bed also. I put Sela back into the crib and she too fell back asleep.

Within seconds of me being home I was once again on edge, I was pissed, I was mad, I didn't want her here, I didn't want to worry any longer, my life was continuing without her and I have to admit as bad as it sounds, I enjoyed it, NO, I LOVED IT!

Now I was right back to square one again with my life and with Savi. I could feel my heart racing, I could feel my tension growing, yet, I was stuck with her who else would want her? Savi was so good at playing the victim and she wanted the whole world to know she was the victim and if anyone showed any sympathy towards me for having a daughter like her she would just hunker down and make sure to drag me through the mud. She enjoyed watching me crumble with cops, she enjoyed making false allegations towards child abuse on her, she enjoyed telling social workers I gave her knifes or sharp object to cut herself. She tested the waters with having my life disrupted and with each attempt it turned into a failed attempt which of course made her try harder.