Thursday, December 1, 2016


Since the court date and the order of child support weeks had passed and yet I still had never received one penny of financial support from Rick. My dad of course was the one that always began his lecture of how a child needs to see their father. My mom of course was on the opposite end of that lecture. She was one the sternly talking to my dad how their money is paying for diapers, clothing, and his money would help so much with the much needed things for my two daughters.

I remember one day when he showed up to see Savi and Sara. He came in wearing brand new three hundred dollar boots. I looked at him and told him, "wow my child support is on your feet, awesome" Rick of course would tell me that he never had any intentions of ever paying me any child support and that my parents money would be good enough.

So, after six months of never receiving any money I took matters into my own hands. I began to garnish his wages. That of course opened up Pandora's Box.

I filed the correct papers with the courts and had Rick served at his job. The local police for San Fernando made several attempts to serve him at home which read;

"Your failure to pay your allotted child support has left you in a compromising position. Either pay up what is due or we shall start to garnish your wages starting with your next paycheck" 

The local police would knock at his door, talk to neighbors and of course no one would ever say a word regarding his whereabouts. They would leave the papers on his front door step and yet each month that went buy, I still never received a penny of the money ordered from the Commissioner.

I had returned to court several times only to see the same Commissioner and of course it was the same thing from her over and over;

"Your not being fair, you need to wait until he can pay you, I am not going to seek further legal action but what I will do is extend his time frame to pay you what has been ordered. That is my ruling and that is what will take place" 

I was just floored at her ignorance when it came to my child support and Rick never paying me a dime. I told her about his new boots and she just continued to cut me off. Finally something inside of me just snapped.

"Fine, you don't want to help me, I will seek legal counsel elsewhere. He is failing his court orders, orders you gave him, and now what it seems to be your on his side, your on this assholes side for not paying me any money? How dare you!" 

She slammed down her gavel and told me to exit her courtroom and never to return. I remember storming out of the room taking leaps and bounds in my stride to the self help desk where I saw this over-sized Hispanic woman who seemed to have a kind face. I began by telling her of the court order from this bitch of a Commissioner and she immediately chuckled sharing to me how so many people that saw her hated her. She also shared that she was a father's advocate and she fought for the fathers and screwed over the mothers time and time again.

The Hispanic woman immediately assigned me to a now judge who favored the mother's and not the fathers. I suddenly felt like I could move away from the crowding of the wall my back was up against. I could feel my lungs taking in a little bit of air and that for a brief moment, I could almost breath.

Two weeks later I showed up for court and surprise, surprise Rick was not there. The judge was a man who of course knew my dad, he was good friends with him. They religiously played tennis and after tennis they often ate lunch which was followed by shop talk of both their jobs. While I was standing before the judge he began to review the orders given by the Commissioner. All I saw was his head shaking in shock at what her orders where. He turned to his court assistant telling her to get the Commissioner on the phone right now he wanted to meet with her in his office.

"I am sorry that you went through such an ordeal. The thought of her favoring this man is not the correct protocol and I will put an end to this. I will be giving new orders and being that Rick is to much of a coward to show up, you will of course be awarded a different amount along with wage garnishments. I will see to it that you are awarded his tax returns, and any money he is to ever receive."

The court appointed assistant told the judge that she is waiting for him in his office. He then excused himself turning to leave the court room. He was gone for sometime. I just sat and waited, and waited. Finally he returned with what I thought was good news.

"Do you know Rick's cellphone number by any chance?" I was shocked by his question and told him I did. He asked for the number, picked up the court room phone and right then and there he called Rick himself.

"Well, Rick, being that you feel you do not need to be present on a court order to appear, I am hereby changing your child support orders. I am taking your current order of $185.00 to a new order of $245.00 due immediately. If you fail to pay any of the new orders along with the past due $1,095.00 then I will see to it you are arrested. I am giving you two days to come up with the money along with a new court date in two days. You fail to appear for that, I will send the local police in your town to either pick you up at home or at your work. Have a nice day." He then hung up.

He slammed down his gavel and told the assistant to make a new date within the next two days for me to reappear and to have Rick served today.

Could it be possible, did I finally have the much deserved breathing room, was this actually going to work in my favor finally? I remember leaving the courtroom so excited, filled with hope, I actually  had a smile on my face for the first time in a long time. I felt exhilarated, I felt overwhelmed by the help and attention from a judge that was actually on my side.

I left the court house making my way to the underground parking I had a spring in my step and if Rick was not going to pay, he was going to go to jail. Finally he was going to be convicted of all the wrong doing he ever did to me. As I turned the corner there he was, Rick was standing there grabbing at me clinging to my arm so tightly. His face twisted and ugly, his breath suffocated me of the hard stench of liquor. His grip tight, his teeth clenched tightly. He brought his face close to mine then without warning he slammed his face against my forehead taking me off balance dropping me to the floor.

"You think you can threaten me with jail bitch, you think that a judge calling me is supposed to scare me, you are going to pay for this and its time I take back the power over you. You are just a weak worthless ugly fat ass that deserves what you get right now."

Rick drew up his leg and suddenly with one swift kick his foot was lodged into my ribs. His fist hitting my face, he spit on me, he grabbed my hair slamming my head into the concrete parking lot. I tried so hard to cover my face but he quickly stopped me. I remember I began to scream for help, for anyone to stop and help me yet no one came.

Rick then drew out his court papers ripping them up only to throw them at me yelling that he will never pay me any support and if I continue with this he will end my life.

I remember all to well, as if it happened just minutes ago...

"Your a worthless piece of crap, if you want to try to ruin me, I will make sure I take back my babies, then kill you so they will never see the worthless piece of crap you really are. If you continue with this crap, if you so much even go see another judge, I will finish what I just started. You mention this to anyone, your gonna pay for this. As far as your concerned, someone came up behind you, someone you don't even know and he attacked in the parking lot."

As Rick walked away there was this burning sensation to my head. I reached up to feel a damp warmness to my scalp pulling away I saw blood on my fingertips. My lip was bleeding, my ribs hurt, my face burned. I remember I never moved, I just laid there crying. A man finally appeared gasping at the way I looked. I could tell I was horrible to look at. He gasped in horror at my face, the blood dripping from lip.

"I'm gonna call for help, wait here." the man sped off and when he came back he had a police officer with him.

"We have a woman down in the underground parking lot, call for help and back up stat!"

The police officer took a look at the torn up papers and he quickly began to piece them together. He once again got on his walkie-talkie and gave out Ricks name ordering for an all points bulletin for his arrest. I never had to say anything, I never shed a word, it was Rick that was his own worst enemy.

And the Struggle is REAL!!