Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Life with Savi

Any woman who either chooses to be a single mother or becomes a single mother has to suddenly play many very important roles, she has to play both mother and father roles. A single mother also wears many hats. She is the homemaker, the banker, the provider, the protector, the taxi cab driver, the list goes on and on. But a single mother also faces many dilemmas, raising a willful child.

Finalizing My Court Case

The fight for me to gain my daughters back was exhausting. It had been almost one year of going back and forth in the courts. There was one continuance after another, failed court space, more evidence was needed, either someone didn't show up or someone came unprepared. My court papers were now turning into a book thicker than "Gone with the Wind" I still every single court document provided to me but some stand out more than others. Once I was given a copy of all the current court papers and my case against myself provided so readily by CPS, I was shocked at the newest ruling of how they made me out to be the villain. None of my current accomplishments were even on the current court papers.

The papers said I schemed with Daniel to molest my daughters. So, of course both daughters were told this. Once I got a copy of the court papers and I read what I read, I took matters into my own hands. A once frigged person who had both no spine or backbone, was basically a welcome mat for everyone to wipe the shit off their feet, suddenly a massive roaring fire blazed inside of me.

I decided to represent myself in all my current and pending court cases. I fired my attorney and told the judge in my case that I would be representing myself from here on out. Every single person who had either dabbled their fingers or toes in my court case along with the many attorneys playing a role in this case as well as the judge thought I was crazy. When Daniel was put up on the stand for doing what he did, I did just what my father always told me...

"Give someone enough rope, and they will hang themselves" 

I attacked Daniel like a cobra surrendering to the sounds of the soft whimsical music right before it attacks. I lunged for Daniel's jugular vein sinking my fangs into his neck with all the evil unforgiving questions, with the banter, I showed no pity to this man and why would I? I made sure that my attack was needed and counted for in the courts. I  put that man in such a corner he couldn't get out with a toothpick and flash light. I brought up evidence provided to me by Daniel Junior's mother, I attacked his credibility, I attacked his view on life, I attacked, and attacked, and then once I was done with my prey that walked into the courts, he had no legs to walk out of the courts.

I impressed the judge, I impressed Ricks attorney, I impressed even Child Protective Services. I attacked CPS for the representation they gave to my daughters, I attacked the judge for not allowing me to voice my growth as a mother. I called witnesses such as my counselor, my parenting class instructor, and once I was done, I felt as if the courts could see my conviction of how much I wanted my girls back.

Daniel was found guilty of sexual misconduct and was sentenced to ONLY six months in jail. In actuality, he only served two months in jail. But, I did however wreck his job, he lost his job, he lost his apartment and all his belongings in the apartment, he lost his truck for non-payment, and he had to register as a child molester within the state of California. Any time he tried to gain employment, buy a car, get a job it would show he was a registered sex offender. He basically lost everything he worked. And I didn't care.

Savi and Sara both  had been going to many therapy sessions to help them over come what happened with Daniel. Of course the courts made sure to tell both my daughters how awful I was as a mother which of course put both my daughters on the self-defense when they were with me. The family courts never once ever told both my girls how I working on getting them back, they never told them how much I wanted and loved them. Nope, all they heard was the negative side of my life, how much I didn't want them, how I failed to follow directions, how I was still keeping contact with Daniel when I wasn't. When something good was to be said about me or what I had accomplished, the courts made sure to remove the girls out of the court room. Savi and Sara never saw first hand what I was trying to do in order to gain back my daughters.  I mean the court papers which I still have to this day, basically states I allowed this to happen with Daniel. And that is what they told both my daughters and that is what my daughters believed. If the courts told my girls that little pink ponies were falling from the sky they would of believed the person telling them.

Healing Time 

When Rick came in and told the judge he no longer wanted the girls in his life because they were wrecking his marriage the judge was forced to place the girls with my parents. Both Savi and Sara lived with my parents for four years. They were growing in leaps and bounds and I saw them all the time. I made sure to make time every other day to go and see them. 

I was of course still getting weekly visits from CPS as a follow up forum to ensure great success and yes, there would be an adjustment with both my daughters. After all, I had not had them in my life now for almost four years. I was to make a plan on getting my daughters back and Pedro played a huge role in doing just that. 

Even though Pedro decided to ditch me and marry this girl he was still proving to be a good friend. Pedro was fully well aware of what was going on and he did all he could to make it happen I mentioned to him about a condo apartment style home that I wanted to rent but I didn't have enough money to actually move in. Pedro showed up one day at the old apartment with over two thousand in cash and told me to get the apartment and buy some things that I will need and if of course I need additional money to just ask and he will give it to me. I still to this very day feel it was guilt money for what he did to me. 

Once I moved in and began to settle into my new condo apartment style home, the girls came back to me. I was finally awarded sole and physical custody once again. Of course I had to jump through hoops and fire but I was so thrilled to have them back. The girls shared a room having their own beds and I did all I could to provide a beautiful room for the girls. My parents were so proud of me for doing all I could that I also had their financial help as well. I was on food stamps and that was okay. Felix was slowly making his way into my life and I had managed to go on a few dates with him and he was the absolute opposite I ever dreamed of. Felix was thoughtful, he was kind, he was sweet. He also had a very romantic side to him, a side I never imagined coming from such a silent soft spoken man. 

I managed to land a job working at one the most popular restaurants in the city I lived in. I was making good money and was able to pay the rent and still provide for my daughters. I had the prime shift, I worked early mornings and the lunch shift banking almost one hundred dollars a day in tips. Of course the main customers that ate at this restaurant were doctors and lawyers. I was actually taking on a whole new life and I was more than excited. Savi was slowly but with heavy caution warming up to living with me and Sara was more than glad to be back in my life. 

Sara was always the one that loved being with me the most. She was like velcro, she attached herself to my world and never let go. My parents even came forward with a brand new car for me. Life was seemingly turning around. Felix kept coming around and once my parents met him, they liked him but not as much as they loved Pedro. Of course they loved Pedro, he was rich, business motivated, and my parents thought he was my meal ticket out of their own money. But, that never surfaced. 

After several months of being a family, I went from being over two hundred plus pounds to then one hundred and twenty pounds. I began to eat right, exercise daily and the weight just began falling off. Suddenly my male counter part customers which were doctors and lawyers began seeing me in a whole new light. I became beautiful, I became sexy, I became desirable to many of the doctors and lawyers. Of course threw up the road blocks telling them;

"I am the same person either fat or thin, nothing has changed, but since you want me now that I'm thin, I have no desire to even want to be with you" 

My life seemed to going in the right direction finally. There was peace with my parents, we all were getting along, life was good. I had no complaints. Weeks turned into months and months turned into one year that was just great. 

Felix and I had become a permanent fixture and we were both in love. We spent every waking moment together and he even moved in with me. He paid all the rent and I paid the bills. I was able to finally get off of food stamps and have what seemed to be a normal life. I was thirty eight years old, I had money in the bank, a man that loved me, I loved him, my daughters were attending a great school and doing great and they quickly warmed up to Felix in a exceptional way. 

So, what could possibly go wrong?