Friday, November 18, 2016

Part Seven...Good vs Evil

We all have neighbors that pride themselves on being snoops. They love getting into every one's business always wanting to know why we think what we think and why we do what we do. These neighbors feel everything that everyone does is just as much their business even if it is a very private matter.

I was now going into my ninth month of pregnancy and still we had nothing for the baby that would be joining our lives. We didn't have a crib, clothing, nothing. I was still continuing to have faith in Rick that he would pull through and come home with things for the baby instead of bringing home beer or hard liquor.

Yet, with each passing day he was there to prove me wrong. He would come home with beer under his arm or holding a brown paper bag only to proceed in getting drunk. He was eager to start a fight all the time so I just sat and took it. I was as big as a house now tipping the scale at one hundred and eighty five pounds. Each doctor visit the medical assistant as well as my new doctor was amazed I didn't suffer from toxemia, high blood pressure, or any other medical related issues that goes with a pregnancy.

One fatal hot sticky afternoon Rick came home from work three hours early. I could tell right away he had been drinking by the way he staggered into the apartment.  I jumped up from the couch asking him why he was home so early and he recanted his horrible day. He was being blamed for stealing a huge bottle of Jack Daniels and was suspended until further notice. He was what seemed to be spewing smoke from his nostrils, his eyes glaring, his demeanor ugly which put me in defense immediately.

The odd thing was when he plopped down to the couch he then began to unravel his white cooking jacket from work twisting and turning then exposing a very large bottle of Jack Daniels. I quickly asked him where he got that and without warning he back handed my face. The stinging sensation hurt so badly I began to cry. That of course lead to more beatings. He wasn't going to stop, I begged and pleaded for him to stop reminding him I was pregnant and he seemed to not care.

"You have been nothing but a downer for me," Rick yelled taking his voice level from medium to now ragging high. "Because of you, I was never able to do what I really wanted to do. Do you know that I could easily go out and screw any woman I want. I get looks and glares all the time from other women but no, because of your fat ass, because you, the worst thing that ever crossed my path, now I am stuck having a stupid baby with you."  

Rick grabbed me throwing me to the ground so forcefully I could suddenly feel sharp pain in my stomach. I could feel my baby kicking everywhere. I was able to pull myself up and make a run for the bathroom wanting to close the door then locking it but Rick was quickly on my heels behind throwing his body into the now half way closed door that I was desperately trying to slam shut and lock. He forced his way in shoving the door in my direction hitting my stomach with the door handle. I began screaming for him to stop. I pleaded with him to stop. My stomach turned rock hard and I wasn't able to breath.

It seemed like the more I pleaded and begged for him to stop the worse it got for me. I climbed into the shower cowering in the corner Rick quickly joining me grabbing my head pounding it against the shower walls where he continued to scream and yell what a worthless person I was.

In the distance I could hear someone banging on the front door screaming muffled words I couldn't understand. Whoever it was just continued to bang over and over until Rick finally stopped.

"Great you fat ugly bitch, look at what you did, you caused someone to come over. That is just wonderful." Rick said with such hatred in his voice loathing me as a person. He bolted from the bathroom to the bedroom. As I climbed out of the shower I was in so much pain. My entire body hurt. I quickly lifted my shirt to see deep red marks on my stomach. I could sense the marks from him hitting me all over my face. I felt a warm watery substance dripping down my chin. When I went to wipe what I thought was saliva I learned it was blood. My lips were pulsating and in so much pain.

The banging didn't stop whoever it was just continued to bang on the door then shouting, "If someone doesn't answer this door then I'm calling the cops."

Rick began to pace over and over in the room. Each time what seemed as if he was going to make his way to the bathroom I just winced in fear that he was going to end up killing me. Minutes later the banging on the door stopped. I just stood in the bathroom crying over and over as I splashed my face with cold water trying to cool the hot stinging sensation from him beating me. My legs were unsteady and my body began to ache. My stomach was still hard as a rock and I now feared that something happened to my unborn child. I just clutched my pain riddled stomach holding it as if trying to calm my baby that still kept moving so swiftly.

Twenty minutes later we were greeted with another banging on the front door followed by a booming strong male voice. "Open up it's the San Fernando Police we had a report of domestic violence."

Rick bolted towards me grabbing me once again urging me with his foul smelling breath, his disgusting sweaty body and dripping sweaty forehead ordering me not to say a word and if I did he told me he would finish up the job. He turned to leave heading for the front door and when opened I could hear the police talking to him.

"There was a report from someone that you were beating a pregnant woman." sneered the officer to Rick.

"Beating a pregnant woman, really." Rick said trying to sound like it was insanity. "There is a woman pregnant next door, maybe they had the wrong apartment, nothing happening here."

I could hear Ricks voice go from trying to prove the officer wrong to then becoming defensively.

"Mind if we take a look around, is there someone here with you?"

I just continued to stay in the bathroom never moving, never taking a step, I was holding my breath trying to be so quite.

"Yeah, I mind if you come in, do you have a search warrant?" Rick said with his ugly tone to his voice.

"Well, just to inform you sir, I don't need a search warrant, but I am going to walk through the apartment so please step out of the way."

Both the female officer and male officer entered the tiny ugly one bedroom apartment. I could see through the cracks of the door frame and bedroom wall the big strong black officer standing in the small tiny living room gazing around. I watched him turn immediately to Rick.

"You always drink hard liquor this early in the afternoon, do you make that a habit of yours?" the black officer asked Rick.

I caught myself holding my breath even more as the female officer made her way to the bedroom taking the door then closing it to find me standing there.

"Reed, get back here, I found her." shouted the female officer. She lunged toward me gasping at my appearance.

"Oh my God. Reed call an ambulance now." demanded the tiny framed female officer.

I remember waving my hands in front of her trying to stop her from making a scene. I silently mouthed for her to stop begging once again. Then I couldn't hold it any longer, I just broke. I collapsed in her arms taking my silent sobbing to now screaming sobs. As I fell to the floor I was letting the female officer hover over me repeating over and over that it was going to be okay.

She jumped on her walkie-talkie calling for back up and an ambulance. I could hear in the next room the black officer reading Ricks miranda rights as he cuffed him then taking him out the front door.

"How far are you, when is your baby due?' I just continued to hold the female officer clutching her as I continued to sob not wanting to let go. I knew I was safe in her arms. I knew she wouldn't let Rick touch me anymore.

I remember her asking me if I wanted to press charges, I remember her facial expression glaring at me when I told her no, I told her I love him. I told her I would never press charges on him.