Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Don't Use That Map, It Will Get You Lost

You Want Me to Follow This?

The map of one's life can be most tricky. We as human beings have a general instinct to want to take short cuts, we want to veer off the path because what may seem like a short cut could ultimately in the end cause you the most grief. 

As i was growing up my mom was trying to map out my life for me. As I shared in my very first post of this blog, my mom wished for me to marry money and stay married to money because in her eyes, it is financial freedom and status in the world that we live in. 

Status to my mom is defined by the house we live in, the cars that we drive, how many times we go to the bank and make deposits only to hear the stuffy teller ask you, "which account do you wish to make this deposit to?" 

Status to my mom is wearing designer named brand clothing, shopping in the best of the best stores, which I have come to realize that my mom and  now my dad are what I call "Label Whores" from their nail clippers to their combs, it is either on their backs or within their homes. 

Did they work hard to provide themselves with the best of the best living? Well sure they did. My father who worked every single day of his life with the court system, my mother who worked the family insurance business both titled appropriately for their jobs, made excellent money. But one must remember, when you sell land for millions of dollars, receive in entitlements from the company and then invest in Disney, Ford, well your going to live the good life. 

I know that when my mom was planning my map instead of myself, which I really should of done, it was a  map that I was never satisfied with. But as I grew older, I could tell that she had my best interest at heart and really wanted me to be successful no matter what I did. As long as I sat behind a huge oak desk with a name plate and title attached to it, people that worked for me and living in a plush high-rise in downtown Los Angeles, and lets not forget, that fancy shamcy car in the carport, she was satisfied. 

My brother was one of the chosen one's from God's "Pick of the Litter" you know it was the one that stood out within all those others that stood next to him. He beamed success, he glorified in it. It seemed he was built "Ford Tough" and he could take any ditch, any valley,  and rubble and touch it watching take a life form of GOLD.   

A great example is, when he was in his early twenties he went to a job interview for one of the biggest computer companies in Northern California. He was living up in Santa Cruz and applied and was granted an interview. While sitting in the receptionist office the receptionist herself began banging on her desktop. He approached her and asked her what the problem was. She shared how her desktop was falling apart and she begged the company to fix it and they never did so my brother offered his services. 

Now you must take into account he NEVER attended college, never cracked open a book, never studied one single thing in his life. Taking a hold of the mouse he turned it into GOLD. He clicked, clicked, pointed, clicked, entered some concoction numbers on the computer, clicked enter, the computer restarted and WA-LA it was as if the computer was brand new. The then problems for the receptionist were handled and cared for. 

Seconds before he was to enter into human resources, the receptionist turned on her beaten down heels madly heading to the President of this computer company. When she returned, she returned with the President right behind her. 

She introduced them both, "Don, this Mr. Wesley, Mr. Wesley I would like to introduce you to the genius that fixed my computer." They exchanged handshakes and my brother was lead to this massive over-sized office filled with family photos, sprawling windows from one end of the room to the next overlooking the beautiful city of Santa Cruz. 

Words were exchanged, promises were kept, and before my brother knew it, he was the computer geek that traveled extensively all over world to companies linked within this huge computer company. His job, to fix all computer that had related problems to their hard drive, programming, introducing new programs, taking out non-effective programs that caused companies grief. 

He was clearing over six figures and when he bought stock into the company of course it split and he made a bloody fortune. This from a man who never attended computer school, never cracked open a book about computer programming, nope. He was paid to travel first class, ate the best of foods, slept in the best hotels, and to boot, they gave him two-thousand-dollars in spending money to spend on what he wanted. His passport book was stamped, raped, and used in such places like Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Argentina, blah, blah, blah. 

So of course during those family and friends get-together dinners with  my mom bragging, "Oh my son is just amazing at his job, he is just a super star. Then my daughter, well she is still trying to find herself. I guess the map I proposed to her must of been Pig Latin." 

And in one breath...my life forever changed.